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Emergency Dentist in Martinsburg & Inwood, WV

Emergency dentist in Martinsburg & Inwood, WV, Dr. Hani AlSaleh and his dental team are here to provide you the most enjoyable dental visit you will ever have!

Dr. Hani AlSaleh provides emergency dental care, such as help with a toothache or a broken tooth to patients in Martinsburg, Inwood, Charles Town, Hedgesville, Berkeley Springs, Ranson, Kearneysville, Shepherdstown, Spring Mills, West Virginia (WV), Winchester, Virginia (VA) and surrounding areas.

Dr. AlSaleh is unavailable on weekends for emergency services.

Call us at 304.267.8702 and experience the difference with Dr. Hani AlSaleh and AlSaleh Dental Center!

Learn more about each of the emergency dental care services of AlSaleh Dental Center.

emergency dentist in martinsburg wv


Martinsburg Dentist For Broken Tooth

Broken Tooth

emergency dentist in inwood wv

Knocked Out Tooth

Martinsburg Dentist For Cut Or Bitten Tongue

Cut Or Bitten
Tongue, Lip, Or Cheek

Cold Sores or Canker Sores

Cold Sores Or
Canker Sores

Our Martinsburg Emergency Dentist Can Help You With Your Toothache

Toothache Dentist Martinsburg WVIf you are experiencing a toothache, there could be several causes. While in some medical cases it is easy to self-diagnose and try a home remedy, toothaches are not one of those cases. A toothache can be caused by gum disease, infection, infected root in the tooth, cavity, and more. The problem will only worsen over time if ignored or if a trip to the dentist is prolonged. Call 304.267.8702 if you are experiencing a toothache so we can get you in right away!

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Our Emergency Dentist in Martinsburg Can Help You With Your Broken Tooth

Broken Tooth Dentist Martinsburg
Broken Tooth Dentist Martinsburg

If you have a broken tooth, and you have the piece of tooth that detached, DO NOT try to glue it back in place. Most household glues are toxic if ingested and will not stand the conditions in your mouth. The state-of-the-art facility at AlSaleh Dental Center uses a special composite and adhesive to repair the tooth. We do not use the original piece of tooth that is now detached as it will quickly grey and become stained. Call 304.267.8702 to schedule a visit to AlSaleh Dental Center so you can get your tooth repaired right away.

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Our Martinsburg Emergency Dentist Can Help You With Your Knocked Out Tooth

Missing Tooth DentistIf you still have the tooth complete with root, hold the tooth by the top (crown) and rinse it, handling it as little as possible. Place the tooth in water or milk and call 304.267.8702 to schedule an appointment with Dr. AlSaleh right away. Time is of the essence, so be sure to call right away.

If you have a tooth that has been knocked out, and you can’t locate the missing tooth, Dr. Hani AlSaleh has several options for replacement at his state-of-the-art dental office in Martinsburg, WV. Depending the the state of the surrounding teeth, you may have the option for a dental bridge, partial denture, or even a dental implant that is the closest replacement to your actual tooth. Call 304.267.8702 to schedule an appointment to have Dr. AlSaleh take a look at the fresh gap to ensure that healing can properly occur before plans for a replacement are made.

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Our Martinsburg Emergency Dentist Can Help You With Your Cut Or Bitten Tongue, Lip Or Cheek

Dentist For Cut Or Bitten TongueApply gentle pressure and ice to the cut or bite. If it continues to bleed after 15 minutes, call 304.267.8702 to schedule an emergency visit to our Martinsburg dental office or go directly to an emergency room.

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Our Martinsburg Emergency Dentist Can Help You With Your Cold Sores Or Canker Sores

Dentist For Cold Sores Or Canker SoresUse luke-warm salt water to clean the cold sore or canker sore and keep the area clean. If the cold sore or canker sore persists, call 304.267.8702 to schedule an appointment to have Dr. Hani AlSaleh take a look at it.

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